Word report


This Sigma App allows you to use Microsoft Word for your reports. You set up your report template in word and define which Sigma values you want - and exactly where you want them. Then you use your Word template to create reports for all the Sigma calculations you want to and the Sigma values in the calculation is automatically included in your report in the locations you have specified.

Some of the key benefits with the Sigma Word Report App are:

  • Full control of the layout, fonts and colors
  • Full control of the report setup
  • Edit and add text after the report has been generated
  • Save the report as a project-report and continue working with it - with updated Sigma values

In case you don't feel like creating your own Word template, but still would like to have a report with your look and feel and exact layout, just send an email and we'll work something out. Send an email


Go to installation


Install in Sigma

To install the Word Report app in Sigma, do the following.
1 Doubleclick the sigmapackage-file or drag it into Sigma. Click Yes to install.
installation step 1
2 Read and accept the EULA
installation step 2
3 The installation is completed
installation step 3

Install in Word

To install the Word addin, which provides the possibilty to setup and edit Word Report templates, do the following.
1 Go to the Word Report tab in Sigma and press Settings. Go to the Word addin tab and press the button "Install Word addin".
sigma word installation
2 You may get a Windows UAC dialog. In that case, press Yes to continue the installation.
word installation uac
3 When the installer is startet, press Next.
word installation step 1
4 Choose to install for just you or all users on the machine.
word installation step 2
5 Read an accept the EULA and press Next.
word installation step 3
6 Click Next to confirm the installation.
word installation step 4
7 Click Close. The installation is completed.
word installation step 5

Go to Sigma setup

Sigma setup

Set up new report

To set up a new report in Sigma do the following.
1 Go to the Word report tab. Click Settings. Click Add. Enter the name you wish for your new report and choose the Word template file. Press OK. Press OK.
add report step 1
2 The report has been added and is ready to use directly from the Ribbon. Click it to create your report.
add report step 2


To change settings do the following.
1 Go to the Word report tab. Click Settings. Click the Settings tab.
sigma settings
Hide the normal Reports tab: Check this if you want to hide the normal "Reports" Tab.
Remove content placeholders: Check this if you want to remove the content placeholders in the report, after the Sigma content has been inserted. NOTE! Doing this removes the option to use the report as a project report and re-populate the content from Sigma.

Word setup

To create a new report in Word, do the following.

1 Go to the Sigma Report Tab.
create report step 1
2 Click "Load Sigma file" and select a Sigma file on which to base the report. The report will be usable for other Sigma projects that contain the same components (Properties, variables, insight views, etc).
create report step 2
3 Place the cursor on the location in the document where you wish to insert a Sigma value and choose the desired component-value from the drop down menus.
create report step 3
4 The component has been inserted and on Report creation from Sigma, the component value will be updated with the value from the Sigma project.
create report step 4
5 Add all the text you want and keep repeating step 3 until you have all the Sigma values you want in report. Once satisfied, add the report in Sigma (see Sigma setup for details) and start using your report.